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2011 Vol. 3 (4) Journal

  • prague

    Chef’s Attitudes Towards The Use Of Locally Produced Food In Menu Construction Of Fine Dining Restaurants In Prague

    Interest in local food appears to be on the increase, as evidenced by the numerous food markets and festivals that take place throughout Europe, and through the media attention which has been lavished on the production and consumption of local food. The consumption of locally produced food sustains rural and economic development, and arguably one of the key outcomes associated with this phenomenon is the increase in the numbers of environmentally-conscious consumers seeking alternatives to the products of industrialized agriculture.

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  • fifa

    How A Mega Sport Event Can Change The Image Of The Host Country: The FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa

    Destination image and branding was always a popular tourism research topic, however there is lack of information on how a mega-event can change the image of a tourism destination. Through secondary research, this paper investigates the effect of the FIFA World Cup 2010 on South Africa and in particular how the long-term benefits of the World Cup can be harnessed. The FIFA World Cup in South Africa has fundamentally affected the country’s economics, culture and environment, in both positive and negative ways. Due to the success of the FIFA World Cup, South Africa’s image has rapidly improved.

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  • propoor

    Pro-Poor Tourism In South Africa: The UNWTO Aid Programme

    Tourism development can be important for the local communities in many countries in order to improve the local economy and to narrow the gap between rich and poor. Therefore the need for pro-poor tourism development is increasing. Analysing pro-poor tourism is important for understanding about how tourism planning promotes a country, and how tourism policies can be used to influence the tourists’ perception of a destination. Through secondary research this study assesses UNWTO’s pro-poor tourism in South Africa.

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  • sustain

    An Investigation Of Consumer Attitudes Towards Hotels Becoming Sustainable

    Climate change and the environment continue to be growing concerns for humankind. It is claimed that consumers are now demanding that products and services produced should be more sustainable and green in nature. Arguably, the question arises of whether or not the consumer actually considers a hotels’ transition to sustainability and/or the green practices during their decision-making process and whether this influences the final outcome.

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  • sharm

    The Durability And Longevity Of Terrorism Crisis On Hotels: The Case Of Sharm El-Sheikh

    When the radical groups declared an open war against the Egyptian government in 1992, more than 1,200 people were killed in the fighting till 2005, including 58 foreign tourists in Luxor in 1997. This specific massacre sharply curtailed tourism and the foreign capital it brings (Hammond, 2001). The Egyptian Ministry of Interiors (2000) declared that there has been in total 32 terrorist attacks in Egypt from September 1992 to September 1997, killing 40 foreigners.

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  • sing

    The Influences Of Reward Management On The Performance Of Employees, With Emphasis On The Singapore Hotel Industry

    Reward practice is regarded as one of the most important HR tools in motivating and retaining employees, especially in the hospitality industry. This area is growing at a notable pace, hence the critical need to have an effective reward system to combat against labour scarcity and pursue a high performance culture. This secondary research assesses the complexity in accepted components of a reward system consisting of both extrinsic and intrinsic elements and examines a range of theories devised to explain why different people are motivated to work by very different rewards.

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  • multi

    How Culture And Gender Influence The Learning Styles Of International Hospitality Students

    This paper reviews concepts of ‘learning styles’ and whether the learning styles of students are affected by gender and background culture. The literature examines the development of learning style theories and critically investigates a range of theories and models that have been developed. The study adopts the Self Administered Motivation Instrument, developed by Duffy (2005). The significance of this instrument is that it fulfils all of the benchmarks set by Coffield et al (2004).

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  • crm

    Customer Service Meets Social Consumer Relationship Management

    Over the past two decades, Consumer Relationship Management (CRM) has been a strategic approach for most companies seeking to understand the behaviour of their consumers.

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