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2012 Vol. 4 (3) Journal

  • fourseasons

    An analysis of customer loyalty in the absence of a loyalty program in the case of Four Seasons

    This study attempted to investigate the customer loyalty in absence of loyalty program in the case of Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong by analysing both customer and hotel perspective. Different literatures have shown the consumers are being more fastidious towards loyalty program, yet a paucity of research exists to enhance the knowledge of loyalty program in such a ubiquitous and saturated market. A comprehensive range of literature and cases regarding to the loyalty program under the concept of Customer Relationships Management (CRM) have been reviewed. The value of establishing a loyalty program in Four Seasons Hong Kong has been verified and a couple of features are advocated to be included in their loyalty program.

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  • sziget

    The role of motivations in visitors’ post-experience satisfaction at Sziget Festival

    Motivation and satisfaction are two concepts which were analysed extensively in the tourism literature and have influences on tourism behaviour. The purpose of this paper is to analyse the role of motivation, attitude and values in post-experience satisfaction in order to give a fundamental study in the field of music festivals and to help researchers to highlight potential gaps in music festival motivation and satisfaction. The survey questionnaire was completed on the 3rd day of the festival by the researchers at Sziget Festival.

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  • elbuli

    The relationship between knowledge creation, sharing and innovation based on the case of elBulli, Spain

    The following paper discusses the relationship between knowledge management and innovation. It is important to understand the link between because the organisations need innovation to be their competitive edge and to gain larger revenue and market share. To achieve the aim of this research and answer the research questions, the author has conducted an extensive literature review. A wide range of established theories, contemporary journal articles were investigated and with support of secondary research of elBulli’s innovation.

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  • nothernislandhelp

    Help! What can the Northern Ireland Tourist Board do to Support Local Event Organisers

    Thirty years of conflict had impeded both tourism and economic growth in Northern Ireland (NI) but the signing of the Good Friday Agreement (1998) has provided the country with an opportunity to move forward and establish itself as tourist destination. Events are a powerful means by which to attract visitors and therefore tourism and events are inseparable. The concept of event tourism is now widely recognised as having significant positive impacts on the host destination. This idea has been supported by the Northern Ireland Tourist Board (NITB) which is the national agency for events within the country. Their annual Tourism Events Funding Programme supports national and international events across NI both through financial and non-financial means.

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  • seoul

    The importance of job satisfaction for employee-guest relations: Case study of Millennium Seoul Hilton

    Tourism in South Korea is developing and many hotels have potential to growth by international tourists. This paper is focusing on the importance of job satisfaction for employee-customer relations at Millennium Seoul Hilton in South Korea. Job satisfaction is essential for all the companies. However, it is more important for hospitality industry since hospitality is not able to succeed without customer satisfaction and employee always brings the service to customer and satisfied employee gives positive impact to employee-customer relations. Hence, understand job satisfaction give huge benefit for the hotel companies.

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  • nw200

    Impact of sporting events on communities, with emphasis on the NW 200, Northern Ireland

    The study aimed to develop an understanding of Northern Ireland’s current tourism and events situation, to also understand what strategies are in place to develop event based tourism in the Coleraine Borough Council area; and finally to determine the impacts certain events have on the local community, carrying out an analysis on North West 200 festival. A series of questionnaires were carried out over a three week period within the local community to measure the attitudes and perceptions of the event, with all possible impacts being measured.

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  • northclare

    The development of Sustainable tourism, with an emphasis on natural tourist attractions in the North Clare (Ireland) region

    Tourism is one of the most successful industries, and largest employer, in the world. A recent phenomenon in tourism involves sustainability and how this ‘trend’ is vital to the future of the industry. Sustainable tourism has evolved rapidly and is now in the foremost of stakeholder’s minds. It is essential that tourism’s current resources are protected and sustained in order for the industry to remain viable in the future. The main purpose of this paper was to reinforce this argument and apply it on a regional scale. This paper also explores how practising sustainable tourism can benefit the provider, visitor and host community.

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  • hongkong

    Motivating Generation Y In The Hong Kong Upscale Hotel Industry

    Recently, an increasing number of literatures are concerning on Generation Y’s characteristic. Yet, the existing research paid less attention to Generation Y’s work motivation. To recognise how the characteristics and work expectations of Generation Y affect current motivational practice, this paper shows a quantitative research on work motivation of Generation Y. So as to reach the aim of this research, various academic books and existing research journals have been viewed. The author has firstly defined the evolution of motivational theories and analysed the motivators of employee by using several of them. Followed by, investigations on demographic, characteristic and work expectation of Generation Y have been conducted.

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  • 2

    An investigation into the potential to attract additional business tourism to the Midwest region through the development of professional association and academic conferences.

    This research study assesses the potential to attract additional business tourism to the Midwest region of Ireland through the development of professional association and academic conferences. The Midwest region was selected as the focus of the study due to the success it has had in attracting such conferences. It is the second most popular location for association conferencing in Ireland after Dublin (Indecon, 2008). The topic of the study was examined through a combination of desk and field research incorporating both quantitative and qualitative methods. In depth desk research regarding the global meetings market, association conferences and the Irish meetings market was undertaken to give background to the research.

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  • limerick

    Sports Tourism in Limerick City (Ireland): an assessment of its impact in tourism terms.

    The study has examined this by exploring an extensive range of literature relevant to the topic’s history and in the case of Limerick city, influential recent events like the Special Olympics 2010. It has explored the topic of sports tourism and its impact by interviewing key stakeholders and identifying whether they utilise sports tourism to gain maximum exposure of Limerick city and the Shannon Region to tourists of all multitudes. The paper has considered whether tourists and local residents associate sport as having a positive impact on a county in terms of media and advertising. This was demonstrated by focusing on two key groups- tourists and locals using surveys designed by the researchers. The data in the research process was obtained from tourists, local residents, key stakeholders within the Shannon Region using semi-structured interviews, surveys and from relevant literature in terms of both a global and a national level perspective.

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