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2012 Vol. 4 (1) Journal

  • 4s

    An analysis of how the career development programme motivates employees in Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong

    Career development of hotel employees is important to be considered by the hotel in creating motivational force. However, there are only limited and scarce sources of research studies conducted to analyse the effectiveness of the career development motivating hotel employees. Because of the internship experience, it has stimulated the author in doing research on this particular field. This research has explored a wide range of extensive literature in analysing different books, theories, models and contemporary issues from academic articles.

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  • ritz

    Assessing organisational performance through teamwork at Ritz-Carlton: an application of the systems leadership concept

    This research attempts to assess Ritz-Carlton’s organisational performance through teamwork by the application of the Systems Leadership concept. Literature reviews suggests that teamwork plays an imminent role in determining how positive, engaged and sustainable an organisation is. The are also researches indicating majority of large organisations do not take efforts in improving the workplace’s team spirits.

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  • bul

    How the fashion brand “Bulgari” affects customer relationships: The case of Bulgari Hotels & Resorts in Milan

    There has been great attention paid to fashion boutique hotels such as Missoni, Ferragamo and Versace hotels for last decade. Glittering luxurious fashion brands tend to fulfil customers’ satisfaction with fantastic visualisation, brand identity and specify the brand’s image. Therefore, some customers tend to make a choice mainly for the brand name. Bulgari Hotels & Resorts pioneered one of the original fashion hotels. Furthermore, Bulgari hotel’s operations have adopted a strong service spirit from Ritz-Carlton since Bulgari has co-operation with Ritz- Carlton hotel, despite the fact that the Bulgari is a fashion brand.

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  • volun

    To evaluate the effectiveness of online promotion strategies of volunteer tourism: a case study of Conservation Volunteer Australia (cva)

    Due to the rapid development of the internet, with the use of web site as a communication tool is popular nowadays, as it can assist an organization to expose its products in order to arouse attention. Therefore, the author has used Conversation Volunteer Tourism (CVA) as a case study, to evaluate what are the key factors for its effectiveness promotion strategies. The paper will firstly analyze the comparison between internet marketing strategies and traditional marketing strategies.

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  • green

    To analyse how a “green” business strategy affects the business growth: The case of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

    The aim of this study was to evaluate the financial performance, of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC), after implementing the new “green” infrastructure into the business strategy. This research seeks to find out, how the sustainable practices of the MCEC influenced the business growth, furthermore the author will investigate, what are consumers’ opinion about the new MCEC and its “green” techniques.

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  • kiga

    Dark tourism: heritage management in Kigali Memorial Centre, Rwanda

    This study attempts to examine heritage management in a dark tourism setting in Kigali Memorial Centre, Rwanda. In order to understand how intersectoral ownership plays a role in management, the relationships of stakeholders and business ethics and the degree of local community participating in decision-making process, literature is reviewed.

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  • oct

    The feasibility of running an Oktoberfest styled-event in Limerick Institute of Technology

    This paper is a detailed study of an Oktoberfest-styled event in Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) – The LIT Oktoberfest. The feasibility is determined over a business period of three years. The customer will experience the Bavarian culture through a fusion of traditional music, food and beverages while enjoying a night out. The target market was surveyed and it showed the high demand forthiseventandthatthecustomerisexpectingmusic,beer,games,andGermanFancyDress. The event concept was modified accordingly.

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  • irish

    Cadburys Drive Awareness – In aid of the Irish Cancer Society (ICS)

    The purpose of this study is to evaluate the feasibility of conducting a drive through cinema in the Galway region to raise awareness for the ICS. Cadburys drive awareness will be a one day event that will involve two screenings of the latest Halloween Movies that will hit the cinemas in October of each year. The 2006 remake of The Omen and the 2001 Monsters Inc films will be the contingency films. The event will be a charity fundraiser for the I.C.S (Irish Cancer Society).

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