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2011 Vol. 3 (3) Journal

  • ireland

    Authenticity In A Visitor Attraction: Reflections From Ireland

    The aim of this research was to investigate authenticity in a visitor attraction, namely Bunratty Castle and Folk Park (BCFP) County Clare, Ireland. It is one of Ireland’s premier visitor attractions and is divided into three elements; a 15th century Bunratty Castle, a 19th century Bunratty Folk Park and a Village Street. BCFP is located in County Clare (Ireland) which is in the province of Munster and from a tourism perspective is situated in the Shannon Region (Limerick, Clare, North Tipperary, South Offaly, and North Kerry).

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  • life-balance

    Work-Life Balance Programmes In The Hospitality Industry

    This paper reports secondary research to evaluate the effectiveness of work-life balance programmes for both men and women employees within the hospitality industry. Many hotels have introduced work-life balance programmes in order to gain competitive advantage and to improve their employees’ health.

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  • macau

    Macau As A New Entrant Into The Meetings, Incentives, Conventions And Events Industry – Stakeholder Perspectives

    This study was designed to analyze Macao as a new entrant into the Meetings Incentives Conventions and Events (MICE) industry from the perspective of the Macao MICE stakeholders. Although the Macao MICE stakeholders are from diversified backgrounds and perform different tasks, they cooperate with each other to anticipate the needs within the MICE industry.

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  • ryan

    An Analysis Of Impacts Of Word-Of-Mouth Publicity On Consumer Buying Behaviour: A Case Study Of Ryanair

    This article discusses the effect of word-of-mouth publicity towards consumer buying behaviour. Undoubtedly, word-of-mouth has the power to affect consumer attitudes and decision-making behaviour. However, there is little literature on the inter-relationship between these concepts. Despite, the Ryanair publicity which generates many word-ofmouth activities, the company has not reacted or changed its operation and it still maintains its position as the most profitable low cost carrier in Europe.

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  • cathay

    Impression Management And Quality Service: The Case Of Cathay Pacific

    Not many people work alone and most managers have jobs that involve interacting with other people for much of their time. In the workplace, communication is vital and so too is the quality standard for the product or service. This study investigates how the management strategy, impression management, can apply as a communications strategy within organisations and how this in turn affects quality service.

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  • limerick

    Can Sport Play A Role In Influencing The Image Of Limerick City As A Tourist Destination? – A Theoretical Perspective

    In recent times cities have fought for their market share of tourism and have used many ways to enhance their destination image. Some cities have highlighted their historical importance, others their prime location or beauty to differentiate themselves from other similar destinations and in turn increase visitor numbers.

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  • quit

    The Use Of Employee Relations To Reduce Employee Turnover In The Hospitality Industry

    This paper discusses the use of employee relations in reducing turnover in the hospitality industry. The data was gathered through an extensive literature review, that is secondary research was carried out. Many researchers have showed that job satisfaction is an important element that influences employees’ intention to leave the company.

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  • thai

    Choosing A Spa Centre In Bangkok Thailand

    In recent years, the hospitality industry has grown rapidly. Many spas in Thailand recruit from a world market. The result is an intensely competitive market with spas competing for their share of customers. Hence, it is an essential that companies understand consumer preferences and the factors influencing consumer decision-making processes in order to gain competitive advantage.

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  • india

    Revitalizing An Ethnic Community Through Cultural Tourism: The Case Of The Chinatown Of Kolkata, India

    This paper presents research on the spatial and socio-economic analysis of the existing situation of the Chinese community living in the Chinatown of Kolkata in India. The analysis has been carried out through primary and secondary survey aimed to create a dialogue between the tangible and intangible expressions of Indian and Chinese cultures of this Chinese Indian community.

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