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2011 Vol. 3 (2) Journal

  • mag1

    Analysis of How a Natural Treasure can become a World Class Health and Spa Tourism Destination

    Health and spa tourism has been a customer need since ancient times and has a longstanding history. There are many destinations worldwide offering wellness products and services, which makes this industry particularly competitive. However, to be exceptional and stand out from the crowd, destinations need effective marketing strategies and recognition for their unique features.

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  • cris

    The Emotional Impact of Downsizing

    The paper explores the effectiveness and impacts of downsizing in the hospitality industry. The research investigates the emotional impacts of downsizing and its possible influences on long-term business performance. Theoretical constructs of organisational development and change, corporate downsizing and work psychology are reviewed.

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  • eco

    The Impacts of Ecotourism in Malaysia

    The ecotourism concept and development has been adopted globally. The paper explores the impacts ecotourism and its sustainability. Sustainability is a major issue of concern nowadays to ensure the future generations are able to experience the natural environment or to meet their needs for development.

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  • ba

    The Impact of BA Executive Club Programme on Customer Loyalty

    This paper discusses the impacts of British Airways Executive Club programme on customer loyalty and examines why the British Airways Executive Club programme has become business travellers’ motivation for travelling with British Airways. The paper explores the perceptions of customers rather than the British Airways management view of the loyalty programme.

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  • hk

    Hong Kong Backpakers: Travel Motivation

    Backpacker tourism is popular. However research has paid limited attention to the travel motivations of different nationalities, especially Asian backpackers. In order to understand how the role of nationality affects travel motivation and behaviour, this paper presents a study of the travel motivation of Hong Kong backpackers.

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  • tou

    Tourism and Negative Stereotypes

    This paper explores the repeatedly conflictive relationship between argentines and Chileans in tourism fields. Even though some scholars propose tourism as a form of peace-building, the evidence collated in this study suggests that the bilateral troublesome relationship between Argentina and Chile along their history determined a hostile spirit enrooted in nationalism.

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  • EJ

    Strategic Analysis of Low Cost Airlines in Europe

    The aim of this paper is to critically analyse the sustainability of low cost airlines in Europe, which are threatened by fierce competition within the airline industry and from other means of transportation such as high-speed rail. Moreover, as the financial crisis in Europe still exists, consumers have a far greater bargaining power and many options to choose from.

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  • odol

    Zero-Dollar Tours in Hong Kong

    This paper analyses the ethical dimensions of zero-dollar tours in Hong Kong. The paper explores the ethical perspectives of tourists and tourism agencies and the grey area of zero-dollar tours in Hong Kong. The political and economic factors that led to the development of zero-dollar tours are investigated and the influence of government policies on their survival of zero-dollar tours is explored.

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  • sabah

    The Socio-Cultural Impacts of Tourism in Sabah

    The tourism industry is one of the important industries for every country, as it helps boost economy. However, tourism activity will influence the destinations both positively and negatively. This paper analyses the socio-cultural impacts of tourism in Sabah, Malaysia. Sabah is widely known for its eco-tourism and cultural tourism because of its scenic views and multicultural residents.

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