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2010 Vol. 2 (2) Journal

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    Tourism in Antartica: An Analysis of the Environmental Impacts of Tourism on Earth’s Last Great Wilderness by Rohan Thatte

    The following paper discusses the negative impacts of tourism on the environment of Antarctica. The author has endeavoured to evaluate the demand for tourism in the Antarctic. The author critically analyses the environmental impacts of the various aspects of tourism conducted on the continent.

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    Guidelines of Travels in Culture: Myths, History And Discourse by Maximiliano E Korstanje

    Even though human displacement is an universal phenomenon circumscribed by much broader cultural issues, there are unexplored fields in the understanding of what represents travel for modern societies. The world has witnessed how a combination of different technical advances along with working time reductions has contributed to the creation of mass-tourism and mobility expansion.

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  • fairmont

    An Assessment of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Green Marketing of Fairmont Hotels, Canada by Martina Tran

    According to the trend of social movement which concentrates more on the green concept revolution and its impact on customers' buying behaviour, there are more and more hospitality businesses practicing green marketing in order to attract customers' attention. However, the high failure rate of many businesses in practicing green marketing has addressed the question on the effectiveness of applying green concepts.

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  • pink

    The Pink Dollar: An Analysis of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual Tourism Market in the United States by Kingston Lam

    This paper explores the development of gay tourism in the United States from a sociological perspective and the impact of the pink dollar expenditure from an economic perspective. They key characteristics of people who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgendered are explored within in the context of identifying a new target market for developments in the tourism and hospitality industries.

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    Analysis of Customer Satisfaction with Choice of Hotels in Luzern by Liu Chen Yin, Joanna

    This paper explores customer satisfaction within the hospitality industry and, in particular, explores the link between customer satisfaction and further purchase intentions. The context for the research is the hotel sector in Luzern, Switzerland. Seven key hotel factors influencing customer behaviour are identified: extra service; staff service; room quality; safety and efficiency; first impression; value; and cleanliness.

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  • restaurant

    Restaurant Manager's Perspectives on influentual Factors that Create Atmosphere in a Restaurant Case Study of International Tourist Hotels in Kaohsiung by Yang Hui-Chun, Diana

    This study investigates the influential factors that create atmosphere in a restaurant. The research focuses on 'creating' atmosphere which is deemed a management task. Restaurant managers' perspectives are sought by conducting in-depth interviews with a sample of restaurant managers in International Tourist Hotels in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The findings indicate that there are three key aspects of creating atmosphere. First, is the sensory aspect, which involves paying attention to the detail of the basic design elements of colour, light and music and having a service style to complement the restaurant design.

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  • managing

    Managing Employee Incentives in Hotels in Xian China by Bruce Zhang Xibei

    This paper focuses on analysing the employee incentive function, its operation and its impact factors in a sample of four and five star hotels in Xi'an, China. A qualitative approach was adopted. Interviews were conducted with Human Resource Managers in five hotels. Questions focused on the impact factors of employee incentive programmes. The findings show that two factors, training and a reasonable compensation plan, are considered as the most effective motivation methods. Issues of fairness also emerged as important.

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  • romania

    An Analysis of the Romanian Tourism Promotion Strategy by Attila Farkas

    Romania has many tourist attractions; however the number of tourists visiting the country is low compared to other countries in the same region. The findings of the paper shows that promotion plays a very important role in attracting tourists, something that Romania has realised late compared to the other countries in the region. The country has the potential to attract more tourists therefore the effectiveness of the promotion needs to be increased by creating a tourism brand for the country and promotion the country's natural resources.

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