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2014 Vol. 6 (1) Journal

  • irela

    Establishing the Suitability of Limerick City (Ireland) as a Conference Destination Host

    The Irish conference industry has witnessed phenomenal growth throughout the decades. The industry has continued to grow and flourish despite the universal recession of recent years. The Irish conference industry continues to contribute millions of euro to the Irish economy every year. It has been forecasted the popularity of Ireland as a conference destination will continue to grow. The following research paper will attempt to distinguish the current standing of Limerick city as a conference host city.

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  • wed

    Expectation and satisfaction of underwater wedding tourist

    Adventure tourism is one of the most active sectors within the tourism industry and it will potentially become a major market in the future. In fact, many existing contexts have untaken adventure tourism as investigations, but only certain research studies are touching part of the unusual events. Therefore, the researcher would like to find out the relationship through a broad range of academic sources, which are based on consumer motivation, expectation and satisfaction by conducting the literature.

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  • tai

    Movie impacts on generation Y cultural tourism Taiwan

    The paper deliberate about the movie impacts on generation Y East Asian Tourist decision-making of travel destination. Movie-induced tourism and image has started to be discussed in past decade. However, most of the research is done by marketing aspect and few studies is about tourist behaviour. Refer to the knowledge gap with tourist behaviour of movie-induced tourism and lack of study in generation East Asian tourist behaviour and characteristic.

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  • jap

    Cycling tourism as a niche market in Japan

    This study attempted to analyse the overall benefits and challenges in developing cycling tourism as niche market and also to explore the interrelationship between developing cycling as niche tourism and enhance the destination image. The literature of this study reveals the relevant models and there is lack of practical studies in terms of examined the application of destination tourism.

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  • dehli

    Delhi city a potential shopping destination

    Shopping tourism would be one of the most popular forms of tourism in the coming years and the scope of shopping tourism would continue to grow. It is imperative to investigate about Delhi city for being a leading shopping destination in the future as Delhi has got a lot of potential to emerge as a strong and competitive shopping destination.

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  • rewar

    Intrinsic and extrinsic reward systems

    The development of reward management plays a very important role in every organisation, in general, money (Financial, tangible or extrinsic reward) is regarded as a common reward. However, wouldn’t that become the next step of hospitality to only focus on in order to motivate and retain the employee? In keeping this theme, facing the high turnover rate within the industry, would then mean that extrinsic reward is no longer to become the only factor to keep the employee stay motivate and loyal the organisation. The bigger issue at hand would question the effectiveness and practical of managing reward system.

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  • hotel

    Role of non-room revenue sources in hotel revenue optimisation

    Revenue management is a wide field which is very much essential for all companies for their effective performance in the market. The role played by a revenue manager is very crucial as it involves huge amount of skill and knowledge. This concept is primarily copied from the airline and cruise industry to the hotels. This helps the hotels to generate revenue using room through several pricing strategies. The hotels suffer revenue problems during the low seasons as they guest arrivals and room occupancy rates go low than normal.

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  • lime

    Social Impact of Festivals and Events in Limerick City, Ireland

    Social media is the number one activity on the internet that is used by one and a half billion users every year. These online platforms are greatly benefiting the tourism industry as it offers many different marketing opportunities, targeting channels and significantly influences the tourist’s decisions. The Irish tourism industry are commencing their social media strategies beginning from the Destination Marketing Organisation and National Tourism Development Authority, however some industry operators such as visitor attractions, are not yet fully utilising the obtainable marketing opportunities.

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