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2012 Vol. 4 (2) Journal

  • orlanda

    An analysis of the implementation of customer-centric marketing in the case of InterContinental Hotel Groups in Orlando

    Relationship marketing is regarded as one of the most important marketing tools in identifying consumer’s needs and maintaining customer loyalty, especially in the hospitality. Such area is growing at a notable pace, therefore, increasing the critical requirement of having an effective customer relationship management can assists the business to gain competitive advantage.

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  • ireland

    Exploring the contribution of food tourism for Belfast, Northern Ireland

    This paper examines the role and importance of food tourism in Belfast, focusing on objectives that examined product development, challenges faced and benefits achieved. The paper focuses on Belfast, an emerging food tourism destination. Research was literature-based, as well as collating data that was obtained through a designed questionnaire and several key informant interviews with personnel associated with the development of food tourism for Belfast.

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  • hk4s

    An analysis of customer loyalty in the absence of a loyalty program: the case of Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong

    This study attempted to investigate the customer loyalty in absence of loyalty program in the case of Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong by analysing both customer and hotel perspective. Different literatures have shown the consumers are being more fastidious towards loyalty program, yet a paucity of research exists to enhance the knowledge of loyalty program in such a ubiquitous and saturated market.

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  • china

    Influences on Chinese online buying behaviour and decision making: The case of online booking of tourism products

    Nowadays, almost everybody are using the internet, almost everyday. People use the internet to search information, and even shop. Beside the online shops offer the daily goods or fashion items, it is popular for the consumers to buy tourism products such as flights and accommodations online. Focusing on the Chinese, they are the most internet users in the world.

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  • green-clean

    The ‘Think Cleaner and become Greener’ exhibition

    The company ‘Events for Us’ has been achieving much success over the past three years in operation and has quickly moved up the ladder in the business world. Catering for every event need and running innovative exhibitions throughout Ireland, Sharon Kiely hopes that the ‘Think Cleaner and become Greener’ exhibition will be one of many events that will define her business and help showcase the future broadened potential of her firm. Boasting highly qualified management staff alongside her event crew Miss Kiely possesses a strong competitive advantage in the market place.

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  • enniskillen-castle-n-watergate-craigavon-united-kingdom+1152_12820778966-tpfil02aw-27037

    Do the people of Enniskillen support the arts festival in their town?

    For many towns and cities festivals have become important events in their calendar year. They have positive economic and social benefits and in the main reflect the culture and ideals of the host community. This paper looked at the Enniskillen Arts Festival, which takes place bi- annually in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.

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  • geneva-switzerland-6

    Influences of exhibitions and meetings in room yield management practices of Mövenpick Hotel and Casino in Geneva

    This paper examines the influences of exhibitions and meetings in room yield management practices by taking the case of Mövenpick Hotel and Casino in Geneva. Room yield management is very essential for every hotel so as to cover all the daily operational cost. Nowadays, with the rapid growth of MICE industry (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions), the room yield management practices have become more complicated although it is an opportunity to maximise profits.

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  • geny

    A study of Generation Y travel behaviour in Hong Kong

    Generation Y is a special, creative, emotional group. They grew up in the wealthier environment and sake of enjoy the life. This group includes several age cohorts: teens and young adult. Therefore, they are the first generation who grew up in a world full with new technology. Those of the internal and external factors are related to each other and affected their consumer behaviour.

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