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2010 Vol. 2 (4) Journal

  • marriot

    The Evaluation of Non Financial Rewards Adopted by Marriott in USA

    This paper discusses the effectiveness of non-financial rewards adopted by Marriott hotels in USA. It is important to understand the link between a company‟s overall performance, employee motivation and non-financial rewards, as there is little empirical research done in this field.

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  • aussie

    The Impacts of Insurance Coverage on the Growth of Adventure Tourism in Australia

    This paper probes into risk management and the impacts of insurance coverage issues on the growth of adventure tourism in Australia. Though risk lies at the heart of adventure tourism, many participants may not know much about the various types of insurance policies that exist and may indulge in adrenaline-based activities without having any expertise or the required level of health.

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  • cruise

    Cruise Tourism in Bulgaria

    The predominant rationale of this study is to outline the chief prerequisites for the development of cruise tourism in Bulgaria. The paper not only reveals the significance of the chosen type of alternative tourism in Bulgaria, but it also examines the foremost development and demand factors that have contributed to its current state in the country.

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  • space

    An Analysis of Supply and Demand for Space Tourism

    Space tourism was launched in 2001 but is still a new and a developing industry, considered to be the final frontier of adventure tourism. Currently, space tourism is not adapted for mass travelling, however it is predicted to grow significantly and become a significant source of income for governments and private enterprises.

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  • emo

    Emotional Intelligence of Managers and the Motivation of Employees: Beefeater Restaurants

    This paper investigates the effect the „emotional intelligence‟of managers in Beefeater (one of the biggest steakhouse chains in the UK) has on its employees‟ motivation. The main findings are that highly emotionally intelligent managers in Beefeater generate a higher team satisfaction.

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  • expedia

    The Analysis of Success Factors in Promotional Strategies of Online Travel Intermediaries: Expedia

    This paper investigates the success factors of the promotional strategies of online intermediaries and identifies the perceived advantages and disadvantages of Online Travel Agents. Using Expedia as an example, the author discovered how prices and other significant factors affected buying decisions and the growth of the company.

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  • india

    Medical Tourism in India

    In recent years, India has become one of the top destinations in the medical tourism sector. India is often noted as an under-developed destination but many consider that it demonstrates high potential for developing medical tourism.

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  • overbooking

    The impact of Overbooking on Hotel’s Operation Management

    In order to optimize operational efficiency and increase their profitability hotel managers put emphasis on implementing successful operational techniques. Overbooking is seen as an important Revenue Management tool in the hotels' operation management

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  • phuket

    A Local Perspective of the Environmental and Socio-Cultural Impact of Investment in the Hospitality Industry: The Case of Phuket Island, Thailand

    This paper examines the perceptions of local people toward the development and increase of hospitality investments in Phuket Island, Thailand. In-depth semi structured interviews were carried out with ten managers or owners of hotels in Phuket

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